Article Publication Procedure for The ASHA Leader

If you want to propose and submit an article for publication in The ASHA Leader, the newsmagazine of the American-Speech-Language Hearing Association, here are the steps in the process, from start to finish.

  1. Decide on a topic you wish to propose to the Leader, thinking carefully about how it would appeal to the 190,000-plus audiologist and speech-language pathologist members of ASHA. Read the ASHA Leader guidelines to help you hone your idea and cast it in the Leader’s simple, practical, newsmagazine style. Do not send us a completed article—the Leader publication model starts with a proposal that the Leader Editorial Committee considers.
  2. Complete and submit the Leader proposal form, which gets routed to the Leader proposal queue. (To submit a proposal for the ASHA LeaderBlog, complete the blogger application form.)
  3. Once the Leader Editorial Committee receives your proposal, we review it, assessing whether writing style and content are a good fit for the newsmagazine. Within two weeks of your sending the proposal, someone on the committee will respond to you in one of three ways:
    • Rejection. If it’s not a good fit for us, the Editorial Committee may encourage you to consider sending the piece to a better-suited venue, such as a blog, newsletter or scholarly journal.
    • Revision Occasionally, the editorial team will request more revisions to the proposal before making a final decision.
    • Article development. If the Editorial Committee determines your proposal could be developed into a viable Leader article, the committee assigns a Leader editor to work with you throughout the article-development process
  4. If a Leader editor contacts you to develop your proposal, the editor will offer pointers on Leader style and focusing the article, organizing the key points, and writing an inviting hook (or “lede”) to draw readers into the piece. (Other ASHA staff members may also provide input into potential content of the article.) Once you and the Leader editor agree on the future shape of the article, the editor will assign a targeted word count and deadline for your piece. Please keep in mind—an invitation to send your manuscript to The ASHA Leader does not constitute an acceptance of your work. The complete article still needs vetting and publication approval by the Editorial Committee and subject matter experts.
  5. When we receive your article—on or before the proposed deadline—your assigned editor, other members of the Editorial Committee and subject-matter experts will review and edit it, typically in a two-week timeframe.
  6. The Leader editor shepherding your piece will send it back to you with queries and suggested revisions from reviewers. We will typically allow three to four days for you to make revisions and answer queries. This is also the chance for you to determine if you are amenable to the suggested changes to your article.
  7. Once we receive the revised article back from you, the Leader Editorial Committee makes a final decision on accepting your article for publication. If we accept it, we will let you know the date of publication. 

Writing Guidelines
Article Proposal Form
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