So You Say You Want a Revolutionary Convention

One lantern in the Old North Church's clock tower would signify a British attack by land. Two would indicate an attack by sea. This communication system—set up by patriots in Boston in 1775—could well have changed the course of U.S. history. Meanwhile, Revere jumped on his horse and sped the warning message directly to patriot troops in Concord—a two-pronged approach to communicating his message that was, like the mission, revolutionary.

So it’s fitting that this year, ASHA members will bring their life-changing work to a city where a well-communicated message helped birth a nation. With its theme of “Revolutionary Learning, Evolutionary Practice,” the ASHA 2018 Convention will showcase how audiologists and speech-language pathologists are innovating to help people speak, hear and be heard. At least 16,000 audiologists and SLPs are expected to attend.

Recognizing communication’s critical role in changing history and lives, the convention will share with attendees the latest knowledge and insights on “making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all”—as stated in ASHA’s vision. 

Check out this year's convention highlights...

What Matters To You Is What Makes You

Revolutionary Learning Meets Evolutionary Practice

Meet the 2018 Convention Co-Chairs

What’s New at ASHA 2018

How to Earn—and Submit—Your Continuing Education Credits

Where Can I Find Information About … ?

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