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The ASHA Leader is the monthly newsmagazine for and about audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language and hearing scientists. The ASHA Leader provides news you can use and showcases the latest research and practice advances in communication sciences and disorders. Celebrating the wide range of people at the heart of the discipline, The ASHA Leader also illuminates the day-to-day work and lives of the 191,544 members of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Although content submitted to The Leader is subject to internal editorial review by staff and content experts at the ASHA national office, it is a newsmagazine, and thus is not governed by scholarly peer review.

Editor-in-Chief: Bridget Murray Law

Managing Editor: Carol Polovoy

Content Producer/Editor: Shelley D. Hutchins

Writer/Editor: Jillian Kornak

Art Director: Michele K. Moy

Production Artist: Donna Vernon

Photographer: Ben Sledge

Product/Service Advertising: Liz Barrett, The Townsend group, 202-367-1231, ebarrett@townsend-group.com

Recruitment Advertising: 301-296-8726 

Contact the Leader at leader@asha.org.

What We Publish

  • Features, long-form articles on clinical, professional and research issues in communication sciences and disorders.
  • Academic Edge, a look at the unique challenges and successes of speech-language pathology and audiology training programs.
  • App-titude, a guide to using free and low-cost tablet and smartphone apps in treatment.
  • Bottom Line, questions and answers to coding, billing and reimbursement issues.
  • Case Puzzler, a case that stumped clinicians and how they investigated to figure out causes/diagnosis.
  • E-Luminations, first-person client perspectives and experiences.
  • First Person/Last Page, a first-person story to inspire and entertain other members.
  • From My Perspective, a single author's specific point of view on an important topic or issue.
  • Have You Tried This?, a look at a new treatment tip, intervention strategy or way of doing things.
  • In Private Practice, highlighting issues specific to audiologists and SLPs in private practice.
  • In the Limelight, profiles of members doing interesting or creative things, either personally or professionally.
  • Make It Work, a how-to guide to issues that may arise in any work setting: schools, hospitals, rehab facilities, skilled nursing facilities, private practice or staffing agencies.
  • On the Pulse, for and about clinicians in health care settings.
  • People, a compendium of members’ appointments, awards, new positions, media appearances, retirements and deaths. See the guidelines below for submitting an item for People.
  • Policy Analysis, an explanation of how public policies affect ASHA members.
  • School Matters, a look at issues relevant to school-based audiologists and SLPs.
  • Speaking of Associates, for and about assistants in audiology and speech-language pathology.
  • Student's Say, a look at the issues important to communication sciences and disorders undergraduate and graduate students.
  • World Beat, insights into hearing and speech professionals’ international efforts and activities.
  • Letters to the Editor, which cannot exceed 250 words. See below for the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor.

Guidelines for Letters to the Editor of The ASHA Leader

We welcome letters to The ASHA Leader and consider every letter for publication in the "Inbox" section on a space-available basis. Include your name, address, daytime phone number, and/or email address.

To give more members an opportunity to voice their opinions or concerns, letters should not exceed 250 words. (Parenthetical citations and reference lists will not be included in letters; if you need to refer to a specific research article, please provide a website link for it within the text of your letter and spell out the name of the first author.) Letters beyond two per year by the same author will have lower priority for publication.

Opinions expressed are those of the writer. Publication of a letter does not imply ASHA's endorsement of the author's views. Letters become the property of ASHA and may be edited or abridged. Letters that attack, ridicule, denounce, impugn a person's character, or impute immoral or dishonorable attributes to members on the basis of race or ethnicity, gender, age, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation will not be published. Letters must be original; The ASHA Leader will not knowingly publish letters that have appeared in other publications.

Submit your letter by email to leader@asha.org or send letters to:

Carol Polovoy
The ASHA Leader
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
2200 Research Boulevard #201
Rockville, MD 20850

Submit an Item for the "People" Column

The Leader's "People" column recognizes achievements and milestones in the lives of ASHA members. We've expanded our coverage to include the following categories:

Career Moves: Have you moved to a different university or practice setting, or established a private practice? We want to know!

Honors and Awards: If you've received an award, we'd be honored to publicize it. Please include a link to any online information about the award.

In the News: If you've been interviewed for a newspaper article, radio or TV show, podcast, or other news outlet, let us know so we can help spread the word.

Obituaries: Please link to an obituary online, or provide the person's age; date, place and cause of death; and professional accomplishments.

Publications: Have you published a mass-market book on speech, language or hearing? A novel, poetry collection or children's book? Are you launching a new blog or website related to the professions? If so, we'll note it in "People." (Note: Due to space limitations, we cannot accept submissions related to textbooks, treatment manuals, publications in scholarly journals, letters to the editor, etc.)

Retirements: It's important to the Leader that a lifetime of service in the professions be properly highlighted. Include all your career milestones and achievements.

Please include your name as you'd like it to appear in print, your job title, any Internet link(s) to further information, and a high-resolution digital headshot (a .jpg, at least 4" x 6" at 300 dpi, or 1200 x 1800 pixels). Submissions to "People" may be may be edited for length and content.

Submit your notice by e-mail to leader@asha.org.

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