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Teach Skills With Puppets

      Teach Skills With Puppets

      In her post "Co-teaching Social Skills," SLP Cheri Chin recounts how she and her colleagues missed the mark the first year they tried to engage students with multiple special needs during a half-hour socials skills group. Role playing and book reading dissolved into meltdowns and chaos. Pandemonium reigned. Then she discovered some social skill lessons that involved puppets. They were geared toward preschoolers but actually connected with her older students:

      "This year, we hit the jackpot and found some new lessons ( intended for preschoolers. Even though our students were in second and third grade, we figured it was worth trying a new approach.

      "These kids are now participating in a social skills group! They talk about the characters outside of lesson time. One of the kids will only enter the room when it is time for social skills group. And other teachers actually come in to watch these lessons. We are that popular. And awesome."

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