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Blogjam  |   December 01, 2018
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Blogjam   |   December 01, 2018
The ASHA Leader, December 2018, Vol. 23, 22. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.23122018.22
The ASHA Leader, December 2018, Vol. 23, 22. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.23122018.22

“If a child is struggling, even if it has only been for a few weeks or months, we want to provide help for the child where they are in their communication today.”

—SLP Katie Gore tackles the topic of childhood stuttering on the Speech IRL blog.

“Now I, myself, have sent a few strongly worded emails to various schools—my mistake! You will definitely ‘catch more flies with honey.’”

—A post on the Children’s Therapy TEAM blog lists tips for parents to help their children adjust to a new classroom.

“For the first couple years, you will eat, sleep, live, and breathe speech (or it will feel like it).”

—On the Teach Speech 365 blog, an SLP shares advice on what to expect during a clinical fellowship.

“In fact, reading one journal article means that I have read exactly one journal article.”

—SLP Cheri Chin advocates for using systematic reviews in research on her blog Super Power Speech.

“Read and read often!”

—The Speech Buddies blog shares ways parents can help their child with a speech delay.
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December 2018
Volume 23, Issue 12