What’s New at ASHA 2018 “Revolutionary Learning, Evolutionary Practice” means a slew of new and improved sessions, services and tools. Features
Features  |   September 01, 2018
What’s New at ASHA 2018
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Features   |   September 01, 2018
What’s New at ASHA 2018
The ASHA Leader, September 2018, Vol. 23, 58-59. doi:10.1044/leader.ACC2.23092018.58
The ASHA Leader, September 2018, Vol. 23, 58-59. doi:10.1044/leader.ACC2.23092018.58
New session formats
At this year’s convention, several new learning formats will join traditional oral seminars, technical sessions and poster sessions. Here’s what you’ll find:
  • Hands-on/demo labs offer attendees the opportunity to see demonstrations of (or even try out) new technology, techniques or materials that may enhance service delivery. You can come and go during the two-hour time slot (much like poster sessions) and earn 30 minutes of professional development hours.

  • E-posters have been specially selected for this new presentation format by the Convention Program Committee. Instead of a printed poster displayed on a board, e-posters will be presented on a screen using slide-presentation software (such as PowerPoint), allowing the author to guide viewers through a multimedia presentation.

  • Master classes are limited-size, reserved-seating sessions for advanced learners. In this pilot year, there will be seven special three-hour seminar courses. Access is limited this first year as the format is tested. Request more information at convention@asha.org

  • Remote lab tours feature real-time, live-stream video from local research labs. You can virtually tour the lab (who wants to fight Boston traffic?) and learn about some of the cutting-edge work that is guiding clinical advances.

Hey, Alexa!
Alexa is the newest of many ways you can find information at the convention (in addition to the Program Planner or mobile app, the program book and exhibit guide, and information booths). You can ask Alexa about program and exhibitor information at stations located in key points throughout the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Not sure what time a particular session starts? Wondering where a company is located on the Exhibit Hall floor? Try out the new Alexa ASHAbot!
ASHA Community Outreach Day
ASHA member volunteers (licensed in Massachusetts) and student volunteers will provide special activities for the staff and family members of the Convention Center and neighboring hotels on Saturday at the Seaport Hotel. Activities include hearing screenings, educational activities, throat and neck screening for adults, and special programming for children to learn about how ears work, safe listening, hearing protection, and more. For more information, contact convention@asha.org.
Need a break from the excitement and inspiration? If you find yourself in brain overload mode after a busy morning of sessions, head over to the ASHA Movieplex in the Poster Hall to watch films, documentaries and shorts about the world of communication. Take a quick break and watch for 15 minutes, or bring a snack and settle in for an inspirational brain refresher. The schedule of screenings is in the Program Book and in the mobile app.
The Universal Declaration of Communication Rights
This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights, and a fitting opportunity to celebrate and recommit to the Universal Declaration of Communication Rights. Come to the Empowerment Zone to learn more about and sign the declaration to affirm your own commitment.
Convention mobile app (version 3.0)
Look for an improved convention mobile app—your one-stop, take-along planning tool customized for ASHA. The app offers many features designed to help you plan your schedule and navigate the convention. Use the app to search the entire education program; if you log in, any sessions you save to your schedule in the online Program Planner will be viewable in the app on your smartphone or tablet (and vice versa). Other features include access to advance handouts and/or presentation slides (available after the event, if shared by presenters), space to take notes, exhibitor profiles, floor plans with a location finder, a networking platform, and social media feeds.
There’s also a new shuttle tracker—similar to Uber or Lyft—that lets you know when the next shuttle for your hotel is going to arrive.
Concierge Learning Center
The Concierge Learning Center—with new features—returns to help you make the most of the convention’s professional education. Stop by to talk to ASHA staff about your professional interests and goals—or challenges—and they will help you identify sessions and create a personal schedule that focuses on the topics or issues that interest you. They will also extend your learning experience beyond your time in Boston with additional ASHA resources—web pages, publications, continuing education courses, or other conferences and workshops—to investigate after the event.
Staff at the Concierge Learning Center are from ASHA audiology and speech-language pathology practices, professional development, multicultural affairs, reimbursement, public policy and more. You can ask a question about any professional topic or have a focused discussion with experts.
The Empowerment Zone
The Empowerment Zone is your one-stop shop to hone those non-clinical skills to boost your effectiveness in your professional and personal life: learning how to advocate more effectively on behalf of clients, students or colleagues, for example, or how to speak out on issues you care about in your life outside work.
The Empowerment Zone comprises five focus areas: advocacy, media skills and training, leadership, digital and technology, and early career skills. Share your story and what you care about, channel your passion, and find your personal path to action.
Career Portal Lounge
Previously known as the Circle of Support, the Career Portal Lounge offers you tools to help you advance your career. Enjoy mini-workshops and free résumé review and get exclusive access to the new ASHA Career Portal, a website that offers career management resources and interactive quizzes.
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