Blogjam AuDs and SLPs offer tips for writing engaging lesson plans, optimizing patient scheduling and choosing a graduate program. Blogjam
Blogjam  |   April 01, 2018
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Blogjam   |   April 01, 2018
The ASHA Leader, April 2018, Vol. 23, 22. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.23042018.22
The ASHA Leader, April 2018, Vol. 23, 22. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.23042018.22

“Do you ignore them? Bribe them? Argue with them? One thing we definitely don’t want to do is give up on them.”

—In a post on her Busy Bee Speech blog, SLP Lauren LaCour lists ways to address behavioral challenges in children.

“Don’t be lazy, and do your research!”

—From a post on the Sarah Beth AuD blog about considering a graduate school and degree path.

“Are we accidentally reinforcing the interruption by giving our attention to it? You betcha.”

—SLP Heidi Britz posts on her Smartmouth SLP blog about strategies for redirecting students who interrupt during therapy.

“Who are you putting first when creating your practice schedule—the patients, your team or you?”

—Pete Rooks gives optimal patient scheduling tips for practices on the Audigy blog.

“Middle school and high school students will let you know if the activity you have planned is not appropriate for them or if it is the dreaded ‘b’ word: B-O-R-I-N-G!”

—From a post by Rosemarie Griffin on her ABA Speech blog on using surveys to target communication-based goals.
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April 2018
Volume 23, Issue 4