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Blogjam  |   July 01, 2017
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Blogjam   |   July 01, 2017
The ASHA Leader, July 2017, Vol. 22, 22. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.22072017.22
The ASHA Leader, July 2017, Vol. 22, 22. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.22072017.22

“One of the great things about gaining knowledge in ABA is that it helps you troubleshoot maladaptive behaviors.”

—The Speech 2 U blogger, in a post about strategies she’s borrowed from applied behavior analysis when working with children with autism.

“I assumed that any ‘dead air’ would make the parents think that I was being lazy, or wasn’t doing my job, or didn’t plan enough for the session. Big mistake!”

—SLP and auditory verbal therapist Elizabeth Rosenzweig, in a post on her Auditory Verbal Therapy blog on the importance of giving a child time to answer and process information.

“Pretty simple, certainly low cost, and easy enough for anyone to implement, right? Actually, no.”

—SLP Lisette Edgar, in a post on her Speech Sprouts blog about common mistakes made when teaching the Picture Exchange Communication System.

“They can hop across the numbers hard, then hop across lightly.”

—SLP Lauren LaCour, in a post on her Busy Bee Speech blog about fluency activity ideas for summer, including hopscotch to work on articulator movement.

“The key was to get kids using the word of the week—not just reading it or defining it.”

—SLP Mia McDaniel, in a post on her Putting Words in Your Mouth blog about building students’ vocabulary through “word-of-the-week” activities.

“Place two hula hoops on the table or floor to resemble a Venn diagram.”

—The Sparklle SLP blogger, in a post on her blog about out-of-the-box activities that use hula hoops.
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July 2017
Volume 22, Issue 7