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Blogjam  |   March 01, 2017
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Blogjam   |   March 01, 2017
The ASHA Leader, March 2017, Vol. 22, 16. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.22032017.16
The ASHA Leader, March 2017, Vol. 22, 16. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.22032017.16

“They are quick, they are relevant, they include humor—and you can always stop at different points and ask questions.”

—SLP Hallie Sherman, in a post on her Speech Time Fun blog about using TV commercials to work with young clients on inferencing.

“I use a timer for keeping kids on track and focused on a task for a certain amount of time, for alerting me when the session is over, for alerting the students when their work time is up.”

—SLP Kristin Cummings, in a post on her Simply Speech blog about ways to use timers with young clients.

“I vowed that if I was given the opportunity to supervise, I would always provide a phenomenal experience for future SLPs.”

—SLP Lyndsey Zurawski, in a post on her Speech to the Core blog about taking her own negative experience as a protégé and using it to find the key to good supervision and mentorship.

“We need to really consider the theory behind the products that are being so widely marketed to us. Before buying that product, look—and I mean really look—at what it is saying.”

—SLP Mary Huston, in a post on her Speech Adventures blog about the importance of vetting and critically thinking about products and techniques used in intervention.

“The diagnosis doesn’t define the person; the person defines the diagnosis.”

—SLP Erik X. Raj, in a post on his eponymous blog about his favorite saying.

“Keep a gratitude jar on your desk and write notes about people, things and events that you are grateful for.”

—SLP Tamara Anderson, in a post on her Building Successful Lives blog about ways to practice gratitude at work.
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March 2017
Volume 22, Issue 3