New Year, New Professional You Online Resolve to boost your career with a more robust online presence in 2017. Spreading the Word
Spreading the Word  |   December 01, 2016
New Year, New Professional You Online
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  • Francine Pierson is a public relations manager at ASHA.
    Francine Pierson is a public relations manager at ASHA.×
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Spreading the Word   |   December 01, 2016
New Year, New Professional You Online
The ASHA Leader, December 2016, Vol. 21, online only. doi:10.1044/
The ASHA Leader, December 2016, Vol. 21, online only. doi:10.1044/
What are your career-focused resolutions this year? Perhaps you want to grow your practice. Or maybe you want to earn a promotion, change jobs, advance your research or otherwise better establish yourself in the field.
In all these cases, a robust online presence is critical to meeting your goals. You probably already tackled your LinkedIn profile—if not, take some time to do so now. But ASHA provides other simple tools to help you build a strong online impression and make connections this year.
Value of the CCCs campaign: If you’re a certified member, ASHA’s “Value of the CCCs” campaign is all about you. The goal involves raising awareness of your hard-earned credentials among the people who have an impact on your career—those who hire, supervise and refer to you. If you attended the 2016 ASHA Convention and had your photo taken for a campaign ad, those will hit your inboxes soon. Be sure to share them on LinkedIn and use them in advertising materials, professional presentations or many other ways.
ASHA also offers a campaign toolkit that any certified member can use. Share the resources on your social media accounts to increase appreciation for what your certification means. Finally, connect with ASHA. As the CCCs campaign continues to evolve, ASHA is looking for compelling stories about professionals who changed a patient’s life. Email if you have a story that fits the bill—you just might be featured in a future campaign spot.
ASHA ProFind: ASHA’s online, searchable directory of certified professionals, ProFind, is a trusted tool that allows the public to connect with members in their area. It is also heavily used by professionals who are helping a patient or consumer find help. ASHA refers consumers to ProFind when they contact the association looking for providers. ASHA promotes this tool in almost all of its public outreach. The directory (formerly ProSearch) has been renamed and revamped recently to better serve its users. Join today or update your profile. Joining is free and takes only a few minutes.
Self-identification as a bilingual member: As the country becomes increasingly diverse, demand grows for bilingual members. One easy way to market those skills includes self-identifying with ASHA as a bilingual provider. Doing so allows ASHA—and other members who don’t have the expertise to help a patient in their native language—send clients your way. It also can open the door to collaborations with other members or professionals. Just log into “My Account” on ASHA’s website, scroll down to the “Manage Your Information” sections and click on “Edit Your Bilingual Service Provider Qualifications.” You never know what doors this might open. It also helps ASHA provide the most relevant information and tailored resources to you. For more information, listen to this podcast from ASHA on the topic.
ASHA media source: ASHA frequently receives calls from national, local and specialized media outlets on a wide variety of topics related to communication disorders. In most cases, the organization connects reporters with members who can provide information for the stories. Serving as a source offers members excellent exposure and can often lead to other media or even career opportunities. But ASHA needs to hear from you. If you’re interested in getting involved, email Write “media source” in the subject line and list your name, credentials, location and any specific areas of expertise in the message.
Here’s to a successful 2017!
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December 2016
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