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Glimpses  |   December 01, 2016
Move It!
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Glimpses   |   December 01, 2016
Move It!
The ASHA Leader, December 2016, Vol. 21, 8. doi:10.1044/leader.GL.21122016.8
The ASHA Leader, December 2016, Vol. 21, 8. doi:10.1044/leader.GL.21122016.8
Combining large-motor movements has been especially beneficial to one of my students with severe apraxia. In this multimodal session, I labeled five plastic cups with vowel sounds and placed them about two feet apart in the hallway. I wrote the consonant sounds my student can produce on index cards. I let him choose a consonant sound, and we stepped over each vowel while producing consonant-vowel/vowel-consonant combinations.
I’ve also tried jumping on a small trampoline, bouncing on a therapy ball and using scooter boards, activities that provide a natural avenue to collaborate with occupational and physical therapy. They also take us out of the speech room into different environments to encourage carryover of skills. Movement activities have become a regular part of my apraxia sessions—they help to coordinate muscle movements, they generate tons of practice, and we have so much fun!
About me: I have been a school-based clinician in New Jersey for more than 20 years. I work in a private school, where my caseload is a mix of ages and skills. Mostly I see middle-schoolers who struggle with language-based learning disabilities. I also have a private practice that concentrates on social skills, and I share ideas and resources on my Speech Paths blog.
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December 2016
Volume 21, Issue 12