Help Others ‘C’ Your Skills Use “Value of the CCCs” campaign ads to promote your professional work, your credentials and grassroots growth of the campaign. Spreading the Word
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Spreading the Word  |   February 01, 2016
Help Others ‘C’ Your Skills
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  • Francine Pierson is an ASHA public relations manager.
    Francine Pierson is an ASHA public relations manager.×
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Spreading the Word   |   February 01, 2016
Help Others ‘C’ Your Skills
The ASHA Leader, Just Accepted, released. doi:
The ASHA Leader, Just Accepted, released. doi:
ASHA members are savvy about social media, whether they use it personally, professionally or both. On the whole, members recognize the power of online networks and enthusiastically embrace established—as well as emerging—forums.
But how can social media be used to promote members’ hard-earned certification—on the individual as well as the collective level? By becoming engaged in digital opportunities with ASHA’s Value of the CCCs campaign, members have a real opportunity to help increase awareness of and appreciation for their hard-earned professional credentials.
ASHA is communicating about the campaign in various ways, including a past Spreading the Word article. Hundreds of members took advantage of a unique opportunity at the 2015 ASHA Convention to star in their own campaign ad. Members each chose a one-word “headline” that represented them and their work on behalf of patients—words such as “advocate,” “liberator” and “trailblazer”—and added it to their photo, which was taken by a photographer in the Public Relations Lounge.
ASHA just recently delivered the final, edited ads to members who participated, and we want to share ideas for using them to promote themselves and to participate in the grassroots growth of the CCCs campaign—something that benefits all certified members.
Social media. Use the ad as your profile picture on Facebook, LinkedIn or other networks; on your practice’s Web page, if you have one; or to accompany posts you write on these sites, which offer the added benefit of potentially being shared by others.
Website. Post the ad on your bio page to accompany text about your experience and approach to care; in a news section of your practice website to announce your involvement in your national association’s public campaign; on your homepage as a professional-looking first impression; and in numerous other ways. Or use them in similar places on a blog.
Brochures and other promotional materials. Use the high-resolution photo in print materials—these ads make a great addition to promotional materials. They might generate extra value when paired with text about your education, training and certification. Another option is to post one in your office.
Of course, many members weren’t able to have their photos taken at the convention. ASHA is developing a number of opportunities for all members to get involved in the campaign. We will soon have a digital toolkit that features many assets, including the Value of the CCCs logo to showcase certified status, draft social media messages and posts, and much more. ASHA also is exploring additional ways for more members to create ads.
For questions or comments—or to let us know how you’re using your photos—please email or comment below.
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February 21, 2016
Katie Stoneman
Writing Error
I noticed an error as I read through this piece on Facebook. "...each chose a one-word “headline” that represented them member..." It looks like it should read "the member" instead.
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