Three New Audiology CPT Codes Success Due to Efforts of ASHA’s Health Care Economics Committee News in Brief
News in Brief  |   May 01, 2004
Three New Audiology CPT Codes
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News in Brief   |   May 01, 2004
Three New Audiology CPT Codes
The ASHA Leader, May 2004, Vol. 9, 3. doi:10.1044/leader.NIB.09102004.3
The ASHA Leader, May 2004, Vol. 9, 3. doi:10.1044/leader.NIB.09102004.3
Audiologists will be able to use three new diagnostic procedures in billing for central auditory function assessment and severe tinnitus as a result of successful work by ASHA’s Health Care Economics Committee (HCEC). The new procedures will appear in the 2005 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)* and the 2005 Medicare Physicians Fee Schedule.
This year the HCEC has worked hard to move the three new audiology procedures through the CPT process. Committee members Robert Fifer and Thomas Rees presented the procedures during the February 2004 CPT Editorial Panel meeting. Subsequently, Fifer and Rees addressed the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale Update Committee in late April regarding the time and resources necessary to perform the procedures, which were then approved.
“The addition of new CPT codes is a lengthy process and requires the development of the coding proposals, literature review, peer review, and collaboration with other audiology and otolaryngology organizations,” Rees said.
Rees, Fifer, and the HCEC have worked on the new Tinnitus Assessment code since the ASHA Convention in 2002, when ASHA audiologist Gary Jacobson initially proposed it to the HCEC. The new tinnitus code incorporates pitch matching, loudness matching, and masking. The two central auditory evaluation codes are time-based codes, one for 60 minutes and the other for subsequent 15-minute segments.
ASHA will release the specific information on the new procedures this fall to ensure proper use of the new procedures and CPT codes, and so that billing forms can be revised to reflect the new procedure codes. For more information contact Steven White, director of health care economics advocacy, by e-mail at or through the Action Center at 800-498-2071, ext. 4126.
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May 2004
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