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Blogjam  |   January 01, 2015
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Blogjam   |   January 01, 2015
The ASHA Leader, January 2015, Vol. 20, 18. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.20012015.18
The ASHA Leader, January 2015, Vol. 20, 18. doi:10.1044/leader.BGJ.20012015.18
Perseverance Pays Off
What does a video of a dozen ducklings have to do with social skills? Blogger Ruth Morgan, on Chapel Hill Snippets, uses the video to help her students overcome learned helplessness. In the video, the ducklings must climb two steps to join their mother, who is waiting at the top. All 12 try over and over again, many falling back several times, as they struggle to overcome the physical barrier. (Spoiler alert: They all succeed!)
“After watching this, with a facilitated discussion, the students hopefully will reflect on the ducklings’ goals, and think of their own short-term goals,” Morgan writes. “We can also talk about things they learned in the past, and how it took time for them to learn it. We will talk about the fact that the ducklings went through multiple trials to achieve the step-climbing results, which is similar to multiple trials for school tasks. Maybe they’ll come up with their own life examples of goals they have achieved, small or large! Concrete examples can include tying shoes, riding a bike, writing their name, writing in cursive, memorizing times tables.”
The Killer Speech-Language App
Blogger Erik X. Raj, a school-based SLP known for his apps expertise, blogs that he finally has an answer to the question he receives most often from colleagues: “What’s your favorite app?”
“I would like to go on record as saying that the YouTube app is my all-time favorite speech-therapy app!” he writes, because it is the gateway to the world’s most extensive video-sharing website.
“You don’t need me to tell you that videos are more stimulating than pictures. Pictures are static. Videos contain movement and are often much easier to relate to than a standard two-dimensional presentation.” Raj describes a young client who, when looking at a photo of someone giving a dog a bath, couldn’t answer “why” the bather might need to change her clothes. But after watching a video of dog shaking furiously after a bath, the student immediately made the connection.
Documentation That Withstands ‘What If’
The Speech and Language Connection blog poses an interesting question: If you had an emergency and couldn’t work for several weeks, would another clinician be able to look at your notes and pick up where you left off, or read your goals/objectives and know exactly what you were planning to address, or update goals and objectives for you?
Probably not, states the blogger—who recently faced such a situation—as information such as attendance and targeted objectives is helpful but not enough. Clinicians also should include what actually happened in the session: the student’s performance.
“We should have our documentation organized in such a way that anyone can look at it and know exactly how a student is progressing. We need to look ahead and plan for ‘what if’ because one day the ‘what if’ just may come true.’”
The Right Facebook Group for You
Shannon of Speechy Musings recommends Facebook groups as one of the best ways to collaborate with SLPs around the world. “Basically, you find a group that discusses topics you are interested in, request to join, get approved, and start participating (or just creeping and reading posts),” she writes.
“Each group kind of has its own vibe, niche, and specialty so it’s important to find the group that’s right for you! Some groups are primarily for sharing optimistic stories about being an SLP, some groups are for SLPs working in a specific work setting, and other groups are used primarily for asking questions and getting answers from other SLPs.”
Shannon provides links to 11 Facebook groups, and says, “You should join one because it will make you a better SLP!!”
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