A Summer Recharge School-based SLPs spend their summers reenergizing in a variety of ways—how do you reboot? School Matters
School Matters  |   June 01, 2014
A Summer Recharge
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  • Deborah Dixon, MA, CCC-SLP, is ASHA director of school services. ddixon@asha.org
    Deborah Dixon, MA, CCC-SLP, is ASHA director of school services. ddixon@asha.org×
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School-Based Settings / School Matters
School Matters   |   June 01, 2014
A Summer Recharge
The ASHA Leader, June 2014, Vol. 19, 28-29. doi:10.1044/leader.SCM.19062014.28
The ASHA Leader, June 2014, Vol. 19, 28-29. doi:10.1044/leader.SCM.19062014.28
With summer’s arrival, we envision school-based SLPs dashing out the school doors, papers flying from their tightly packed briefcases. But where are they all going? We asked on Facebook and the ASHA Community boards and learned that our school-based members have very diverse summer plans, from working, traveling and spending time with family to just catching up on some much-needed sleep. Here’s a sampling.
Mary Cooper, MA, CCC-SLP I travel, camp, catch up on TV shows/movies I missed during the school year, as well as catch up on household chores that I neglected during the year. I try to take my mind off of work (as much as possible) and enjoy the time off. We go back to school in late July, so my time is very precious!
Cheryl Messier, MS, CCC-SLP Summers are getting shorter...about eight weeks or so at this point. Every year it is something different. My husband and I have coached volleyball camps, spent time with family, traveled, been Bible camp counselors, mentored, supported family/friends in difficult situations. Every year is a bit different but it is always a needed change of pace. This year our daughter is getting married on the Fourth of July and then we are traveling to Florida to help her and her new husband relocate!
Mikaely Schmitz, MS, CCC-SLP I generally avoid school speech pathology. I work for a hospital or teach a college class—I feel ready to come back to my students and full-time job after a summer of per diem work. Between time with my family, interacting with the eccentricities of some other employment location and some good sleep, I am ready to go back in August.
Edie Jansen, MS, CCC-SLP I’ve recently discovered biking, and try to spend my days riding my bike in the morning and my horse in the afternoon. There’s always camping in the summer with my family, but I do provide extended school year services, so I need to stick fairly close to home.
Rebecca Winegar, MA, CCC-SLP I work with preschool and elementary-aged children. When meeting with parents of young children, I tell them the two best things they can do for their child are to read to them and to talk with them. I take my own advice, and spend a lot of my summer reading and hanging out with friends and family. In addition, I spend a lot of time gardening and preserving food for the fall and winter, and working on Pinterest projects that I only have time to pin during the school year.
Sharon Martin, ME, CCC-SLP Tennis is my outlet in the summer, along with long walks and good books. I may dabble in reading some research and thinking about therapy ideas, but only for a few minutes at a time.
Sharon Clagett, MA, CCC-SLP I travel during the summer as the opportunities arise both internationally and in the United States. Travels to the ASHA Schools conferences have been adventures, resulting in opportunities for my students. Just getting to the Las Vegas conference in 2011 resulted in a 22-state drive that I “shared” with my fourth- and fifth-graders learning about technology, features of the states, U.S. presidents and history. I visited six presidential libraries and numerous historical and important landmarks. The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum provided history lessons as well as Skype sessions with a survivor and the family member of one lost in the tragedy who was an eyewitness.
Last summer I visited Cuba and have used my experiences to develop therapy activities and materials. I have materials from most all of the 14 countries I have visited, and I take my students along in learning while we improve our skills. My students, from preschool to high school, get an extra added value when we “travel the globe” while in therapy. Sharing my experiences of hiking the tunnels of the DMZ to comparing Russia of the Cold War era with modern-day Russia makes being a speech student a passport to those locations.
Marcy Hendrix, MA, CCC-SLP I love to travel. Sometimes I take big family vacations and sometimes my husband and I go by ourselves. We enjoy cruises, visit national parks and travel abroad whenever possible. This summer we are planning to visit Scotland, England and France.
Work-life balance is critical to everyone. It is important for all of us to find what it takes to balance work and the even more important aspects of life. Too often there are many high-priority issues competing for our time. How do we prioritize? That is a question each individual needs to answer, but certainly both life and work priorities need to be given equal consideration.
So, with that in mind, realize that summer is actually on the horizon and decide how you want and need to spend this brief period of time this year, and find a way to live that plan.
Live boldly. Laugh loudly.
Love truly.
Play as often as you can
Work as smart as you are able.
Share your heart as deeply as you can reach.
—Mary Anne Radmacher
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