ASHA News: CSD at Your Fingertips The new ASHAWire online platform provides deeper and broader access to ASHA’s main publications. ASHA News
ASHA News  |   February 01, 2014
ASHA News: CSD at Your Fingertips
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  • Gary Dunham, PhD, is ASHA director of publications. ·
    Gary Dunham, PhD, is ASHA director of publications. ·×
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ASHA News   |   February 01, 2014
ASHA News: CSD at Your Fingertips
The ASHA Leader, February 2014, Vol. 19, 62. doi:10.1044/leader.AN5.19022014.62
The ASHA Leader, February 2014, Vol. 19, 62. doi:10.1044/leader.AN5.19022014.62
Here’s a bright ray of light during the darkest months of winter: Your use and enjoyment of ASHA’s publications just got a whole lot more interesting. And easier.
Welcome to ASHAWire.
For the past year, the ASHA publications team has been working closely with Silverchair Information Systems to develop a state-of-the-art online platform to host ASHA’s scholarly journals, The ASHA Leader, and the Special Interest Groups’ Perspectives. Live as of late December, the new platform—ASHAWire—is designed to enrich the reading and learning experience of ASHA members as well as to attract new readers to the continually invigorating array of communication sciences and disorders research, opinions, tips and stories from ASHA authors.
ASHAWire is here, it’s visually striking and easy to navigate, and it’s ready to use. So, why does this new online hosting platform matter? Here are five reasons among many:
  1. Silos be gone! The diverse content of ASHA’s three main publications is now deeply and seamlessly integrated into searches, navigation, feeds of the latest articles, and topic collections. Welcome to an unparalleled, one-stop-shopping, CSD-at-your-fingertips experience.

  2. Discover more, search less! All ASHA content has been tagged semantically. In plain English, your search results will be based on true meaning and resonance among CSD terms and concepts, rather than by simple text matching. Welcome to more relevant results with less searching.

  3. Share like never before! Just caught a Leader article that you just have to send on to a colleague? Want to share a new journals or Perspective article? No problem! ASHAWire gives you five different ways to share ASHA content through social media.

  4. Customized topic feeds! Interested in catching the latest article on your favorite CSD topic? No problem—ASHAWire offers dozens of CSD topic collections featuring the most recent articles from the scholarly journals, Perspectives and The ASHA Leader. Receive e-mail alerts or RSS feeds for the topic collections you want, and never miss the latest articles of most interest to you.

  5. Multimedia? No problem! Over the next few months, we’ll be integrating video options into all of ASHA’s publications, including interviews with and/ or demonstrations by authors of journal and Perspectives articles, as well as regular video columns for the Leader.

Hop on over to ASHAWire and start discovering for yourself what all the buzz is about. To be sure, we’re not done yet. Over the next year, we’ll continue upgrading and refining ASHAWire, making it the best it can be for readers and the content. As we make these upgrades, we welcome your feedback—drop us a line at
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February 2014
Volume 19, Issue 2