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Consult the writing guidelines on The ASHA Leader’s style before you begin.

  1. Complete The ASHA Leader proposal form and send it to us. Unless you have been invited by a Leader staff member to submit a feature or story on a particular topic, we require that all new submissions be sent to us first as a proposal. Even if your manuscript is already complete, do not send it to us—you need to fill out the online proposal form first.
  2. The editorial team will review the proposal, assessing whether its writing style and content are a good fit for the newsmagazine. Someone will respond to you in one of three ways:
    • Rejection. If it’s not a good fit for us, the Editorial team often encourages you to consider sending the piece to a better-suited venue, such as a blog or perhaps a scholarly journal.
    • Revision. Occasionally, the editorial team will request more revisions to the proposal before making a final decision.
    • Invitation. If your article is judged a good fit with The ASHA Leader, the Editorial team will assign a staff member to work closely with you throughout the manuscript submission process. That staff member will contact you, inviting the entire manuscript to be sent to his or her office. Please keep in mind that an invitation to send your manuscript to The ASHA Leader does not constitute an acceptance of your work. The complete manuscript will still need to be vetted and approved for publication by the editorial team and subject matter experts.
  3. If asked to submit a complete manuscript, you must follow our writing guidelines before submitting it to a Leader staff member.
  4. When we receive your manuscript, the editorial team and subject-matter experts will review and edit it. If we accept your manuscript for publication, we will send the edited version to you for review before publication.
Writing Guidelines
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